Terms & Conditions

If any details on your Booking Form are incorrect then please inform Sweetly Seated.
Sweetly Seated will only accept changes to a booking from the lead name that made the booking.
Any bookings that are not carried out due to incorrect information on the booking form will still require full payment.
The final total number of chair covers and organza sashes required for your booking must be communicated to Sweetly Seated 14 days prior to the event.
Sweetly Seated recognises that in certain circumstances numbers of chair covers and organza sashes required will change at the last moment. Sweetly Seated will allow for the slight adjustments to your original estimate, however, we cannot guarantee that sudden increases in numbers at the last moment can always be accommodated for.
The final invoice is calculated on the final number of chair covers and organza sashes required. In respect of bookings where our minimum hire policy has been applied for, the final invoice will include an additional charge.
Please note that any cancellation by the customer less than 3 months prior to the event will still require full payment of the monies outstanding. Cancellation outside of this time by customers does not require additional payment; however, all paid deposits are non-refundable.
A 25% deposit is required to secure all bookings.
Sweetly Seated will collect all items used to dress your event the morning after the event and therefore all items must be available for collection. Any discrepancies are notified immediately to you the customer and an invoice reflecting the replacement value of said items will be issued. The replacement cost per chair cover is £5.00 and £2.00 per sash.
You, the customer, are solely responsible for all items hired from Sweetly Seated before, during and after use. Sweetly Seated will collect all hired items within 24 hours of the event concluding.
All outstanding payments are due 28 days prior to your event. Without this payment, Sweetly Seated cannot send out items or dress your event.
It is the lead contact responsibility to ensure that all payments have been sent and received by Sweetly Seated.
The laundering of all hired items is included in the price of the service. Sweetly Seated recognise that during the course of the event, the chair covers and sashes will be subjected to accidental staining through foodstuffs, beverages and polish marks from shoes. Sweetly Seated accept this to be inevitable.
If our items have been subjected to irreparable damage through being ripped and torn, damaged with candle wax or excessively damaged by other means, then you, the customer, will be liable for the replacement cost of said items.
It is the lead contact responsibility to ensure that the hired items are fully covered by either their own insurance or the venue’s insurance with regard to public liability risks and indemnify Sweetly Seated in respect to any claims made by any person for the death, personal injury or venue damage caused by, or in conjunction with, the use of hired items from Sweetly Seated.
At all times during your event the hired items remain the property of Sweetly Seated.
Payment of your deposit and signature on your booking form is deemed as you having read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of hire.

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