Wedding Colour Palettes for Winter… Burrrrr!

Winter is a beautiful season, and a wonderful time to get married! Don’t feel that you have to stick with seasonal reds and greens for your wedding. You can play around with different colours to keep your wedding in season, or just have it how you have always dreamed it would be. The current season does not have to determine the style of your wedding, but it is great to work with the wonderful changes each season brings to make the most of your wedding day.

As winter draws in, the days get shorter and it definitely gets colder so most weddings at this time of year are indoors. White, silver and shades of blue are great seasonal colours and can be incorporated with snowflakes, ice sculptures, candles and fairy lights. Your fairy lights could be used alongside a beautiful crystal curtain backdrop to really set off the room. You can create your very own winter wonderland, inside where it is warm and not have to worry about the temperamental weather outside!

The right flowers will set off your wonderland and will enhance all the other winter features of the room. Typically red roses and calla lilies are used at winter weddings, but again you do not have to stick to the traditional themes. Why not try something like ranunculuses and boutonnieres that incorporate the beautiful colours of the flowers and the green of the stems. Then wrap them up in a ribbon of your choice.

Winter food and drink is something else to consider. People enjoy nothing more in the cold winter months than soups, stews and traditional dishes to keep them warm. Hot chocolaty drinks or something more alcoholic can be served, such as white Russians, and the closer to Christmas your wedding is you could consider mulled wine and cider.

Here at Sweetly Seated we can help you to make your day perfect, and our chair cover hire team can work with any theme or colour scheme of your choice to add a little extra something to your wedding. We not only provide standard wedding chair covers, but also a wide range of organza sashes and wraps in various shades.

About Us: Sweetly Seated provide chair covers for weddings and other special events throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and County Durham. We also offer a range of finishing touches, including twinkle backdrops, candelabras and bay trees. For more information please contact us using the form on the right-hand side of the page.

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