Holdsworth House Hotel

For this civil ceremony in Holdsworth House in Halifax, it was important to the bride that our wedding chair cover stylists created something for her that was not only striking, but that the entire wedding venue also had a real sense of drama.

To ensure we achieved this mood, we turned to a colour that's synonymous with royalty, luxury and wealth, yet at the same time symbolises magic and mystery... Purple.

Using the colour purple on wedding chair covers or in a wedding venue is a powerful statement as it positively affects everyone mentally and physically whether they know it or not. The majority of people find it can have a calming influence, but at the same time uplifting. To others it offers a sense of spirituality, creativity and eccentricity.

We worked meticulously with the bride to choose the ‘perfect purple' for her chair covers. After our research and a couple of one-to-one consultations we all decided on a rich, deep purple in the form of organza sashes, each tied in an elegant bow against crisp white chair covers. The result was stunning, our wedding chair covers looked very sophisticated and embodied a truly ‘royal' elegance.

Finally, we took the colour theme through to the wedding breakfast - by doing so the room was given real warmth and a sincere individual feel that represented the personality of the bride and her taste.

An everlasting impression was made upon everyone who attended.

Interesting facts about purple:

In stained glass, purple is used to symbolise the uniting of the ‘wisdom' of blue and the ‘love' of red and also in symbolises royalty and justice.

Purple is a color often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls.


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