Tankersley Manor Hotel

For most brides, the last thing they want on their wedding day is anything ‘dramatic'. But not for this bride, who was having her ceremony at one of South Yorkshire's most renowned wedding venues, the sublime Tankersley Manor in Barnsley.

Our brief from the bride was to style her wedding chair covers - and the venue as a whole - based on her mantra for the celebration: ‘Elegant & Dramatic'. How could our wedding chair cover stylists refuse a such a brief?

After consultation with the bride and groom over numerous individual samples and different creative combinations for her wedding chair covers and organza sashes,we decided on an overall look for the wedding venue that had an air of dramatic elegance.

After dozens of colour combinations, we kept coming back to black and white as a theme, as that seemed to hit the nail on the head everytime. Quite simply, we dressed the wedding chairs in white chair covers, that were then coupled with black organza sashes, which were then neatly tied in a simple bow. This styling fulfilled the brief and more. The room instantly had a ‘mood' that was both striking and contemporary.

Adding black organza sashes to the white wedding chair covers not only gave the bride the elegance and drama she craved, but on top of that, it also exuded a sense of sophistication.

Granted, it's not your everyday colour combination for wedding chair covers, but if well thought out, considered and sympathetic to its surroundings, this look can, in essence, provide the perfect solution for modern weddings and civil ceremonies.



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